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Request a Service

You Can Easily Find Answers & Request Action  –  How to Ask for a Service: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –  Find Answers:  Search Database by Topic –  Just Ask:  Request a Service Now The icon is always located at the right side of the web page, under the Calendar icon. When you click it, you can look up […]


Paper & Commingled Recycling 2017 Recycling Calendar by Zone    *Street List:  Find Your Recycling Zone*       When & How to Recycle: Containers, the 6 O’Clock Deadline, & More    Giordano Company, Inc., our recycling collection company   How Do I Dispose Of … ?               Weekly Recycling Pickup:  Livingston’s recycling […]

Public Works

Pothole Repair & Road Maintenance                 The primary function of the Public Works Department is maintaining municipal roads, curbs, storm drains and shade trees. Here are just some of the jobs handled by our Public Works Department employees: Responding to work orders generated as the result of citizen service […]


Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in the community.  It involves neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance.  Residents are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their […]

*Photo Trivia Contest!*

Tell us what this is & where it’s located You could win, courtesy of the Livingston BID: $20 Gift Certificate to Chocolate Works, located at 1170 Town Center Way Click Here to Send Us Your Answer! One lucky winner, randomly chosen from all correct entries will win a Gift Certificate! It’s that easy! _____________________________________________________________________ Your correct guess could win you […]

Clerk, Voting & Licenses

Bids Various bids are accepted and opened through the Clerk’s office.  Specifications are not always issued from the Clerk’s office, but we can direct you to the correct person.  For information, call 973-992-5000, ext: #5400. Budget Information Documents:  Contracts, Ordinances, Resolutions, Minutes and Budgets All are kept on file for public inspection in the Clerk’s […]

Parks & Facilities

Exploring the Parks and Trails of Livingston (video) This video was created by Laura Moritzen for her Girl Scout Gold Award (2011) Livingston’s Outdoor Treasures PARKS East Hills Park, Shrewsbury Drive Includes: Fitness trail. Passes may be obtained at the Health Department—973-535-7961. Prospect Park, Laurel Avenue Includes: Natural area hiking & biking trails. Located on Shrewsbury […]

Organizations (non-profit)

* Livingston Township Organizations * * Houses of Worship * (click links above for spreadsheets with contacts) Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC): a nonprofit organization working to protect the state’s natural resources Essex County home page: Click on “Continue” for expanded list of departments and services Essex County Clerk’s Office: passports, elections and other services For a Free […]

2015 Ordinances

INDEX–2015 ORDINANCES Ord__No__1-_2015_Amndng_Chtr_170_Minor_S Ord__2-2015_Amd__Chtr_170_Gen__Business_ Ord__3-2015_Amd_Ctr_170_Shpng_Cntr_Dist Ord__4-2015_Refunding_Bond_Ordinance Ord__5-2015_Amnd_Chtr_170_Split_Zoned_ls Ord__6-2015_Bond_Ord_Appropriation Ord__7-2015_Bond_Ord_Approp_$3575000 Ord__8-2015_Bond_Ord_Approp__$1900000 Ord   9-2015 CAP Ordinance 2015 (3) Ord__10-2015_Amd_ Salary_Ord_17-2013 Ord   11-2015 STOP SIGN Scotland Dr 2015 Ord   12-2015 Health Dept Fees Proposed 2015 (1) Ord_13-2015_Alcoholic_Bev__Public_Places Ord_14-2015_Amndg_Chtr_170_Rezoning Ord_15-2015_Amnd_Chtr_170_R-5G_Res__Dis Ord_16-2015_Split_Zone_lots Ord__17-2015_Amnd_ABC_Rec_Area Ord__18-2015_Amndg_Cht_274_Strt_Sdwlk_Rp Ord__19-2015_Amnd_Salary_Police_EmplyeOrd. 19-2015 attachment Ord__20-2015_Amndng_Chtr_170_Signs Ord__21-2015_Crt Neighborhood_Bus_Dst_ Ord. 22-2015 Assisted Living

Open Public Records Act Request (OPRA)

Anyone interested in obtaining public records may do so by filling out the OPRA Request Form and submitting it to the Town Clerk’s office.  Completed forms can be submitted by fax to (973) 535-7967 or by e-mail to A response will be made to the requestor as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) business days after the […]